About Us


Welcome to travel the world with Meriharakat (Finnish word for oystercatchers)! We are a senior couple who love to travel with a special interest in collecting countries. The number of countries for both of us is already over 140 – and stories from all of them can be read in out blog (but mostly in Finnish only).

We explore the whole world, preferably visiting new countries, but for shorter trips Europe is our favourite. Finland is our scenery in the summer: it is green and beautiful – and not too hot!
In Finland we also visit interesting art exhibitions and enjoy an occasional play in the local theatres, sharing the experiences with our readers.

We are the only Finnish travel blog specializing in collecting countries. We offer  basic information related to the subject for Finnish readers and, of course, keep them updated on our own achievements!

On yearly basis we summarize our travels for the past year and keep updating our readers on our travel plans every now and then.


  • Unique readers in H1 2020: 30610, 2019 70 417, page loads 208 364
  • Female readers: 67 %
  • Biggest age groups:  65+ (21%), about 20% in other 4 groups in 25-64, so this is pretty even
  • Meriharakka on Facebook  end of Q2: 2 315, end of 2019: 2 055
  • Meriharakka on Twitter  end of Q2: 2 438, end of 2019: 2 480
  • Meriharakka on Instagram end of Q2: 10 365, end of 2019 10 620

Numbers in 2020 naturally strongly affected by COVID-19.

Most recent collaborations

Our most popular posts

Of the stories written during 2020 our readers loved these stories about summarizing costs for our trip to Gambia, outlining our plans for spring 2020 and how to get your money back from cancelled flights:

Older popular posts still popular in 2020 include our comments on all the European capitals (yes, we have been in all of them), packing guidelines from persons who travel a lot and Pirkko’s unfortunate experiences with pulmonary embolism:

The World Map, which helps readers to find our stories by countries is also one of our most popular pages, as is our at least quarterly listing of our travel plans.  Also costs of our trips is a topic which people are always curious about!

Together and competing

We participate in several blog communities: 40+blogit (adult bloggers), Rantapallo Travel Companions  and ParisRio.

TOP-10-MATKABLOGIT-2017In 2017 we were selected as one of the Top 10 Travel Blogs in Finland by Cision after being listed as one of the challengers already in 2015. Since 2017 the Top 10 Travel Blogs have not been selected by Cision.

Nowadays we are listed – and typically among the Top 10 (at least) in Finland in these services: Blogit.fiUnderhood and Someindex.


In Media

We are slightly famous in Finland regarding our interest in travelling, especially when we visit less common countries like Saudi-Arabia during 2017. We have given interviews to Helsingin Sanomat (the biggest newspaper in Finland) several times and have appeared in a number of different magazines, both as the object of the story or telling the story ourselves as writer/photographer.

During 2018 we were presented in Iltasanomat when we reached our goal to visit all the European capitals and we sold one of our Instagram pictures to a story about wasps.

Last year, 2019, Iltasanomat wrote two stories about our travels: Us completing all of the 7 new wonders of the world and a summary of our most expensive and cheap travels. We also appeared once again in the Finnish television.

Would you like us to tell your story?

We are always open for new ideas of collaboration – if you work within travel industry or are otherwise interested in our travels or us as story tellers, please be in touch!

  • pirkko.schildt(at)iki.fi
  • lasse.schildt(at)iki.fi


A couple of stories in English

Even if the majority of  our blog is in Finnish, we have written a couple of stories also in English, being:

Our story about Örö island is written both in Finnish and Swedish as Swedish is used a lot in that area of Finland.

So occasionally we can write a story also in other languages than Finnish, if needed.